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 Benefits of Solar for your Home or Business:

  • You will  Save Long Term on Electric Bills
  • Today, Prices are Lower than Ever 
  • Increases Your Property Value
  • You are getting a Guaranteed Investment
  • Being a leader in your community
  • Reduce Dependency on Foreign Oil
  • You Help Save the Planet!

Did you know that Lower your electric bills by up to 65% with Solar?  Today, Solar panels are more affordable than ever so please get a free quote with Solar Energy 4 U.  Would you take the opportunity to have a solar electrical system installed in your home with no money down? Of course you would.  Learn how to purchase or lease a photovoltaic system at a very affordable rate and how to protect the future of your family finances against rising electricity prices.

Solar Roof by Tesla

  • Solar Energy 4 U 

  • Making Solar Make Sense 

  • Request a FREE consultation and information on 2017 solar rebates from your local installer. 

  • $0 upfront cost for qualifying homeowners 

  • Protect against inflation & rising energy costs 

  • May increase the value of your home 

  • Help provide clean, reliable energy for your family 

  • Can reduce your energy bill up to 60% 


 The Future is Now


It is 2017, The Future is here. We have arrived.  There is no “down the road” when we are living off the sun’s energy. It’s happening right now.  The beautiful part of this futuristic new paradigm is that as we improve the quality of our lives we are also conserving the planet for our children.  We want to see our families thrive and eliminate the stress of pending monthly bills.  This is the Heaven on Earth we are going for and we are progressively realizing our dream.  There may be powers that be that want us to continue to destroy our beautiful and only home by digging up and burning fossil fuels, but we can resist.  Let’s be leaders, and inspire those around us to lead as well.  Let’s build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.

How to Save Money with Solar Panels 

The Sun is the source of all life on this planet.  It is an incredibly powerful fusion generator.  Our sun generates enough electricity to power the entire Earth!  The world as we know it needs increasing amounts of electricity to maintain our way of life. This form of free energy is environmentally friendly and is the only road to preserving the Earth our next generation. How can we refuse? It would make the world a much cleaner place. The emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals can be reduced by an enormous margin. 

  Scientists around the world have conducted many studies on how to save planet Earth from the catastrophe commonly known as global warming. When each country starts implementing the solar energy generation project, we can be sure that we can find new solutions all the global warming problems. Electricity produced by solar panels has no harmful side effects. We can’t afford another Fukashima.  CLEAN renewable energy is the future.

The Earth is already Solar Powered!  We learn from the American Solar Energy Society that our only choice is to move forward. Every day make can make new choices to restore our devasted ecosystems.  It’s time to “turn a new leaf” so to speak. Too much is at risk, So many Ecosystems getting wiped off the planet.  We know the power of the people will rise up and triumph.  Solar energy is the only way our of this mess. Please check out the program that Solar America is offering and contribute to the healing of the Earth. Thanks again for dropping in! 



Find out if you’re eligible for a solar program in your area today.  Click Here to apply, It’s free and takes less than a minute.  Thank you for your time!

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